River City Psychological Services is a group of psychologists, professional counselors, and social workers striving to create a safe environment where people can grow and heal.  We provide mental health therapy and counseling to people who experience problems related to anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship stressors, and reactions to grief. Many of our clinicians have had focused training related to providing psychotherapy services to people who struggle with addiction, as well as people who have been through traumas, including childhood abuse. 

We work with a variety of people including members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community. We recognize the existence of systemic racism and strive to be an Anti-Racist practice, always working towards a socially just environment. We are committed to personal growth as clinicians, education, and advocacy for our clients and community. In addition to these specialties, we have clinicians who focus on working in the areas of life transitions, spirituality, relationships, and multicultural issues. We offer psychological testing and evaluation, including ADHD and learning disability evaluation, as well as the thorough documentation many schools, universities, and physicians require for accommodations. We work with all individuals over the age of three.

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