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Photo of Loanna Abreu and link to bio

Loanna Abreu, MA


Spanish Speaking


Lindsey Distefano, MA


Photo of Claire Graves and link to bio

Claire Graves, MA CAADC



Jack Klott, MSW


Nicole Olivas, PhD - Final.png

Nicole Olivas, PhD


Photo of Raymond Sheets, Junior and link to bio

Raymond L. Sheets, Jr., PhD


Photo of Rebecca Klott and link to bio

Rebecca Klott, PhD



Photo of Kerry Beduna and link to bio

Kerry Beduna, PhD



Leigh Ellis, MA


Photo of Laura Hazekamp and link to bio

Laura Hazekamp, MSW



Austin Knight, MA


Photo of Natalie Otte and link to bio

Natalie Otte, PhD


sue ann_edited.jpg

Sue-Ann Simpson, MSW


Photo of Amy Ver Wey and link to bio

Amy L. Ver Wey, MA RPT WPATH

Vice President


Photo of Luca Brendsel and link to bio

Luca Brendsel, MSW


Photo of Ken Ford and link to bio

Ken Ford, MSW



Axel F. Hettinger, MSW



Finn Marcks, MSW


Photo of Kristin Roberts and link to bio

Kristin Roberts, PhD


Photo of Jonelle Tunney and link to bio

Jonelle Tunney, MA


Photo of Stephen Craig and link to bio

Stephen E. Craig, PhD


Photo of Miriam Goldstein and link to bio

Miriam Goldstein Lorrain, PhD


Photo of Alex Houseknecht and link to bio

Alex Houseknecht, PhD


Photo of Quillian Murphy and link to bio

Quillian Murphy, PhD


Photo of Mark Sanford-Pelcher and link to bio

Mark Sanford-Pelcher, MA


Photo of Micah White and link to bio

Micah White, PhD

Administrative Staff

Shondra Primmer (she/her): Office Manager/Billing/Insurance

Lou Vitiritti (they/them): Intakes/Administration

Congratulations, Linda Johnson (she/her) Insurance Specialist, on retirement! Thank you for everything!

Photo of office staff members Lauren Vitiritti and Shondra Primmer
Photo of office staff members Linda Johnson and Shondra Primmer
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