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Sarah Rodriguez, MA CAADC

Sarah Rodriguez (she/her) believes in taking a holistic approach to therapy in order to improve the overall well-being of her clients. Sarah takes into account mental and social factors, as well as encouraging and supporting an active lifestyle. To provide this kind of therapy, Sarah incorporates mindfulness with elements of acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. She relies on empathy as a guiding principle, making it a priority to see the perspective of her clients. This results in Sarah providing a safe place for clients to grow and enhance their overall health while creating an individualized therapeutic experience. Sarah believes that therapy fosters a better understanding of the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and that by creating an understanding of this relationship, clients are able to improve their overall well-being. 



Photo of Sarah Rodriguez

Sarah received her Bachelor’s Degree in behavioral psychology from Western Michigan University 2008. She then pursued a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology, which she received from Western Michigan University in 2013. Following graduation, Sarah spent five years working with high risk individuals who experienced a variety of concerns, including PTSD, substance use, bi-polar, and co-occurring disorders. She currently specializes in working with individuals who struggle with body image, substance use disorders, and mood disorders, including anxiety and depression.  

Accepted insurance plans: BCBS, BCN, Out-of-Network, Private Pay

Sarah currently has a waitlist for new clients. If you would like to inquire about the waitlist, please call 616-259-7207.

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