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Luca Brendsel, MSW

Photo of Luca Brendsel

Luca Brendsel identifies as Non-binary Trans and uses They/Them pronouns. As a Queer person themselves, they also identify as a Queer/Gender affirming therapist. They will often refer to the poem by Andrea Gibson, “There is so much kindness in consistently asking, “Who are you now?” There is so much love in allowing people to be continually new to us. To love someone isn’t so much to know them, as it is to know their never-ending becoming.” They feel it an honor to embody and provide that kind of space and empathy for any human that joins in session with them.

Luca utilizes a holistic and active interpersonal approach to therapy. They are trauma-informed, engage cognitive-behavioral questioning and thinking, focus on your personhood, and knowing that we’ve all got some inner-kid work to do, play is always welcome.

In order to embody ourselves more holistically, we need to be given space to explore, question, challenge, feel and express emotions (maybe swear a little, or a lot), and celebrate - the pieces of ourselves that have become disconnected, dissociated, unwelcomed – in order to survive. They want to help you re-connect with yourself in ways to thrive.

Luca has worked in the field of social work, prior to joining RCPS, with Pine Rest since February 2014, and as an Outpatient Therapist (at Pine Rest) since September 2018. Luca received their Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry & Bible from Kuyper College (April 2012) and their Master of Social Work degree from Western Michigan University (June 2018).

Luca’s areas of focus include the treatment of anxiety/stress disorders, attachment issues, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism (ASD), depression and  mood disorders, trauma, and childhood emotion dysregulation, medical  issues/concerns. They have extensive work/life experience with the LGBTQ+ population, addressing sexual identity concerns especially related to spiritual and religious issues, identity exploration, gender affirming surgeries and medicine.

Accepted insurance plans: BCBS, BCN, Aetna, Priority Health, Out-of-Network, Private Pay

Luca currently has a waitlist for new clients. If you would like to inquire about the waitlist, please call 616-259-7207.

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