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Insurance coverage varies between and within each provider and clinician; however, our services may be covered partially or in full. Each clinician has personal accepted insurances listed in the About section. Please contact your HMO or health insurance plan by calling the 1-800 customer service number on the back of your insurance card to learn more information regarding what your plan covers.

The following questions may be helpful to ask your insurance provider:

  • Do my insurance benefits cover outpatient mental health services?

  • Do I have a deductible to meet first or a required copay per session?

  • What will it cost me per outpatient therapy session?

  • Do I need to get pre-approval for services?


Please take the time to read and complete the forms assigned to your Client Portal after you speak to our intake specialist prior to your first session. Taking the time to fully read and complete these forms prior to our meeting will allow us to have more time to focus on your needs and experiences. We encourage you to fill out this paperwork with the name, pronouns, and gender identity you feel comfortable using. The only area we will require a legal name would be on the signature portions for legal purposes.

Client Portal

Here is the link to access the Client Portal for your forms and online statements:

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